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Welcome to the official site of MOUNTAINDAWG----------------------------
Mountaindawg IS Joe Johnson. Mountaindawg's mission is sharing heartfelt messages of Love, Peace, and Freedom through his original music

HELLO. Mountaindawg play's heartfelt Rock. Mountaindawg wishes for everyone Peace, Love, Hope, Good Health,and MORE LIVE MUSIC in your life!

Thank-you for your support of Mtndawg.
He has been keeping busy writing more music.
Mtndawg performs live at Concerts, Events, Festivals, Nightclubs, and MORE.
See Mtndawg's Calendar on the Performance Dates Page

Here is some Music and a few other treats via Reverbnation:

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Band News: Joe "Mountaindawg" Johnson performs Solo shows, and as a Trio or Foursome, with a roster of very talented musicians backing him. He performs both Acoustic and fully Electric. Mtndawg Joe loves meeting new Musicians, and tries to make an open mic night now & then, just to jam. He also joins other bands onstage as a Guest Musician, and enjoys adding his own sounds to almost anything original. He has joined 8 different bands onstage this year, as a guest musician, and looks forward to more. If you think you would like him to join in at a show or event with your band sometime, or if you just want to jam with him, get in touch. Jamming with other musicians and acts is one of Mountaindawgs favorite pastimes.

Currently Mountaindawg is booking Concerts, Festivals, and both Private & Public Events for 2013. He is also playing Mandolin and Do-bro (slide Guitar) for talented Sonoma County Singer-Songwriter, Peggy Day, with her band, at their live shows. In the near future, his plans include getting more of his original music into films.

When time allows, Mountaindawg Joe is writing and composing, while preparing to spend time in the recording studio. He is working closely with lifelong friend, Mark Eads, also a recording engineer. Mark is opening his own Class A Recording Studio in 2013, in Northern Sonoma County, where Joe will be working and recording. The guys are already hard at work on the Studio. Mark has acquired some major equipment, and, more important the building and permits.

Yes, this singer songwriter musician is right where he wants to be: songwriting, making music, preparing to open a new recording studio, and enjoying sharing his music every chance he gets.

More Mountaindawg Music and information can be found elsewhere online, including on Mtndawgs REVERBNATION page
Several Free Mountaindawg Music downloads for anyone/everyone, and some exclusive content only available on Reverbnation to Fans of Mtndawg.
You can also find Mtndawg on MySpace
Come check it out. While you are there, you can become Mtndawgs MySpace friend, check out more of his music, see video clips of Mtndawg, read/join our Blogs, and even post a review.
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Facebook peeps: sign into Facebook. While you are there, be sure to click your LIKE button (of course). There are a few Mountaindawg songs on Facebook, too, so go check it out.
Don't forget to check out Mountaindawg Videos on YouTube, and Vimeo. Both sites also have other channels, just search "Mountaindawg" while there to see lots of other Videos of Mountaindawg taken by fans and friends.

Mtndawg Joe has 2 CD's ready to release.
We will announce the limited release of both CDs later, as both have been put on hold in their final stages. The first CD, HANDMADE, and was recorded at Dirt Road Studio a few years back. It is all electric, with a 3 pc band including Drummer, Fast Freddie Dean and Bass Guitarist Mark Eads. The 2nd CD, MOSTLY SOLO JOE, also recorded at Dirt Road Studio, is almost ALL Solo Acoustic Mtndawg Joe, with very little exception.
Mountaindawg is the sole composer/lyricist of every song on the 1st CD, and most of the 2nd. He is also the Publisher, and Co-Producer, and will be self releasing both CDs on his own indie label (Mutt records). At Dirt Road Studios, he assisted the Recording Engineer, Mark Eads, with recording & mixing, and worked side by side with the Mastering Engineer, Tim, at Prairie Sun Studios. Everything possible on these 2CDs was done with or by Mtndawg Joe aka Mountaindawg.
Fan Club and Street Team members, including Reverbnation, MySpace, and Facebook friends will be notified first with info where it will be available for purchase, along with future concert dates and which radio stations will be playing Mountaindawg CDs.

HOW TO GET A FREE Mountaindawg CD:
Email our management Dirt Road Productions the names of your favorite radio stations so Mtndawg can add them to the list for possible future radio play, OR where you would like to see Mtndawg perform.
If you are the first to recommend a station that plays Mountaindawg music, or venue that books Mtndawg at a later date,
you will receive a FREE Mountaindawg CD of your choice!


Come back here for more news, including Mountaindawg updates, more pictures, and music. If you want to see & hear more of Mountaindawg (of course you do) then please...JOIN to support Mountaindawg music-it's free


Mountaindawg is Joe Johnson
Mountaindawg Music

Download your copies while these 2005-2006 MP3s are still available!


This song has a great upbeat sound and talks about finding inner happiness, and World Peace.

Question It All.mp3
Lyrics meant to make you think about the state of our World.

Buster Mountain Dog.mp3
Mtndawg Joe is SOLO/Acoustic on this rockin' song about the Mtndawg Mascot, Buster, and his obsession with tennis balls.

Mountaindawg's mission is sharing heartfelt messages of Love, Peace, and Freedom through his original music.

SONG LIST & Discography

CLick Here
to see Mountaindawg's song list & Discography. With Mtndawg Joe constantly writing more songs, the list continues to grow.
2 NEW Mountaindawg CDs, HANDMADE" and "MOSTLY SOLO JOE"
are ready to be released by MUTT RECORDS. Both long overdue CD's are on hold, and, once they are finally released, will be well worth the wait. Professionally mastered, manufactured, shrink wrapped with a bar code. These 2 CDs will blow the dawg-house doors off any other recordings released up to now, by Mountaindawg.

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